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How to get involved

If you’re interested in the project or the data, please contact us. You can also help us document blasts. If you hear or see a dynamite blast in Tanzania, please record the date, time and location, and send the information to us. Record the date, time and location, by clicking on this link.


Sea Sensors is an acoustic data project that collects underwater blast data to help provide quantitative spatial information on the incidence of the problem over time, that will enable targeted enforcement.

The project is funded through Code for Africa’s innovateAFRICA programme.

Code for Africa (CfAfrica) is Africa's largest data journalism and civic technology initiative, operating CitizenLabs across the continent to help fast-track digital innovation to drive social change.

innovateAFRICA is the continent’s largest fund for supporting civic media experimentation and digital news startups in everything from data-driven journalism and investigative reporting, to newsroom management, audience engagement, digital convergence, and media business models.

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